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SEICO always strives to create a healthy and safe working environment for our staffs. Our employees are regularly trained on the health and safety requirement for their work. At the same time, our production facilities are operated under strictly technical and administrative system, regular maintenance program and safe work procedures.

Inspection work is carried out periodically. Health and safety policies and guidelines issued by the government are updated regularly to reflect current health and safety conditions. These principles include hazardous materials management and workplace injury reduction.

The objective of the SEICO is to implement the reasonable and scientific working conditions to ensure the health of employees and in accordance with the law:

* Our company fully implements policies for employees in accordance with current regulations of the government: social insurance, health insurance for 100% of employees. We also organize employees' conferences annually. In 2018, the company has reviewed and rewarded excellent units and individuals to fulfill their duties

* Working time: 8 hours / day (48 hours / week);

* Holidays, New Year: According to the current regulations of the government; 

* Sickness, maternity, health care leave: According to the current regulations of the government; 

*Working conditions: SEICO is equipped with adequate protective equipment and facilities for laborers to work. We constantly update any changes in regulations and procedures on occupational safety and health.