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Establishing health and environment safety to protect the "Labour Source" is everyone’s conscience and responsibility. In which, the highest level of responsibility belong to senior managers assigned to the task of occupational safety.

Direct supervisor

- Direct supervisor is required to monitor the workplace on daily basis to ensure a safe work area to avoid risks to employee health and safety. 

- The supervisor must be present throughout the working time.

- The supervisor must be familiar with the process that is directly relevant to the task being monitored.

- Upon detection of life-threatening or defect equipments, they have the right to suspend and request to other workers follow their instructions. 


- The worker is responsible for performing work at the workplace in accordance with the employer's safety standards and relevant rules and regulations.

-  Temporary workers need to comply with the standards at workplace and the instructions of assigned supervisor. 

Workers are fully equipped with protective equipment.

Workers are fully equipped with protective equipment.