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Seico met customers in PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH

Seico met customers in PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH

  • 20/09/2019

In recent years, Vietnam and South Asian countries have made great efforts to strengthen economic relations.

Despite the fact that FDI inflows to Pakistan are stagnant due to the conflict between Pakistan and India, and tariff barriers in Bangladesh, many large industrial zones are still growing rapidly in these two countries making them attractive destinations for foreign investors. Recognizing the potential of the market and the willingness to cooperate from investors, Seico leader and business development team had a long business trip to Pakistan and Bangladesh to meet and discuss directly with customers.

On 28th August 2019, the business trip ended successfully, in which many customers expressed their satisfaction about Seico's product quality and production facilities, and wished to cooperate with Seico in the furture.

Seico truly hopes that through this meeting, customers in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well as South Asian countries will be able to see our long-term cooperation desire and be assured of choosing us for big-scale projects in the future.



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