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SEICO group improves working environment according to 5S Kaizen standard

SEICO group improves working environment according to 5S Kaizen standard

  • 30/07/2018


On 22nd July, SEICO GROUP has been working with Japanese expert on 5S Kaizen improvement method to aim for an international qualified working environment.

5S- Kaizen is a proud invention of the Japanese. This method has brought success to many Japanese companies and is being widely applied in many countries around the world. 5S stands for: SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU, SHITSUKE, in which: SEIRI is sorting out of materials, unnecessary processes; SEITON is that everything must be placed in a fixed position; SEISO  means the working environment should always be hygienic; SEIKETSU is to keep things going well; SHITSUKE is to always do the job self-consciously.

Kaizen is also a compound word made up of "Kai" and "Zen" in Japanese, meaning a change for the positive.

The most important requirement in applying this approach is that enterprises must make improvements to their available manufacturing processes in a manner that is consistent and sustained in order to create awareness and self-discipline for the labor force thus leading to a marked improvement in labor productivity and product quality.

Derive from good impression with Japanese customers and respect for their working style, SEICO decided to choose 5S Kaizen as the main method to develope our business. On 22nd July 2018,  Japanese expert from Hirayama had an effective working session at the factory of SEICO GROUP in Cam Giang - Hai Duong.

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