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  • 02/04/2024

Steel surfaces are susceptible to rust due to environmental impacts. Anti-rust paint is an effective solution to protect steel from corrosion, extending the life of the project. This article will explain the importance of using anti-rust paint and guide you in choosing the right paint.

What is rust-proof paint?

Rust-proof paint is a type of paint specially designed to protect metal surfaces, usually steel, from corrosion and rust.

Steel buildings use specialized paint to improve the aesthetics and durability of the structure

Rust-proof paint is widely used in many applications, including: Construction (painting steel surfaces in buildings), Manufacturing (painting machine parts and equipment), Automotive (painting the undercarriage of cars), And many other applications where metal surfaces need to be protected from rust and corrosion.

Why is rust-proof paint necessary for steel surfaces?

After a long time of use, steel is easily corroded by the external environment. Rust-proof paint (also known as anti-rust paint) is an important part of protecting steel surfaces from corrosion and rust. Here are some important reasons why rust-proof paint is necessary for steel surfaces:

- Protection against corrosion: Steel is a metal that is easily corroded when exposed to air, moisture, seawater, or other dust and toxic particles. Rust-proof paint creates a physical or chemical barrier that protects the steel surface from these elements, helping to extend the life of the material and slow down the corrosion rate.

Steel structure without anti-rust paint

- Enhance aesthetics: Rust-proof paint provides a colorful and glossy finish to the steel surface, making it more eye-catching and suitable for products and projects that require high aesthetics.

- Increase lifespan and reduce maintenance costs: Proper rust-proofing can reduce future maintenance costs by preventing rust and the need to replace or repair steel surfaces.

- Improve mechanical performance: Rust-proof paint can improve the mechanical properties of the steel surface, including adhesion, strength, and hardness, making it more suitable for various applications.

- Protect human health: In some cases, rust-proof paint can also help prevent direct contact with toxic particles or heavy metals present in the steel surface, helping to protect human health.

Which type of rust-proof paint should be used for steel structures?

With its superior rust-proofing properties, epoxy rust-proof paint SP®DUR- EPN 701, 101 is considered the optimal solution to protect metal, helping the metal surface not to rust, extend its lifespan, and improve the aesthetics of materials.

Outstanding advantages of epoxy rust-proof paint SP®DUR- EPN 701, 101:

  • The paint film has high hardness, water resistance, and chemical resistance. Maximum protection for structures and materials in environments with high humidity and chemicals.
  • The paint dries quickly, has a low consumption rate, and helps save time and construction costs.
  • Thanks to its good adhesion, it is also used as an intermediate coat, helping to create a firm bond for the next color topcoat, contributing to the beauty of the works.

Choose the right type of rust-proof paint for your needs to ensure the best protection. Contact us today for free advice on types of paint for protecting steel structures in particular and industrial paint in general (Hotline: 024 221 05511). Not only steel structures, Seico also enhances the beauty and durability of customers' projects with specialized paint. (Hotline: 024 221 05511).


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